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Les Caves Fromagères Béarnaises

The company is located in Pau, in Bearn, meeting point between 3: OSSAU, ASPE et BARETOUS. These valleys are the cradle of ancestral cheese production.


Its geographic location is exceptional, thanks to sunny skies and precipitaion from the Atlantic that converge on these three valleys creating the ideal conditions for Pastoralism.

Proud of its mountain-dwelling origins (the valley of OSSAU, the house LABORDE), the company has been in existence for 60 years.
Its vocation is respecting the tradition of cheese-making and has been perpetuated for three generations.
The range of products we select, refine and market is essentially composed of farmstead cheeses with unpasteurized milk.

In 2008, we formed an association with our partners, the shepherds who produce our farmstead cheeses. Their main objectives were to progress together in advancing the manufacturing process and to adapt a high-quality product to their clientele.

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